A Grain of Salt

Although the purpose of this site is articulated on my sidebar, it seems prudent to also offer an official disclaimer statement and rules of engagement, as well. Soooo….

Terms of Use

  1. Please note that all visitors to this site assume personal responsibility for their own free choice to read any information I may share.
  2. Please remember that this blog exists as a means to encourage others who choose to read my thoughts.  I am not a teacher or professional in any capacity and I cannot be held responsible for any disagreement, misunderstanding or irritation which may occur as a result of reading my thoughts.   All information found on this site is to be considered for “entertainment purposes only”.
  3. Unless otherwise noted, I (as the blog author) am copyright owner of all information which is published on this site. To be honest, I don’t mind people sharing stuff via the available means which are provided on this blog.  If it’s genuinely worth passing on, I’ll happily credit God with the inspiration.  However, for legal purposes, I must request that you submit written permission if you are unsure.
  4. The blog author reserves all rights to change at will any aspect of this blog’s focus (or existence) at any time, for any reason.
  5. Any advertisements which may appear on this site are neither owned nor endorsed by me.

Comment Policy

I love reading other people’s thoughts and encourage reader interaction.  No one is required to agree with me, but please remember to be courteous while sharing your own perspective.  In the interest of maintaining a pleasant, God-honoring environment, I must reserve the right to remove commentary which contains notably obscene language, is belittling, disrespectful or otherwise abusive.